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A Sulcata Tortoise in North Florida

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Thor Eating Corn on the Cob

Busted Trying to Escape!

Spider Thor, Spider Thor…does whatever a spider Thor can.

Thor trying to escape

Thor trying to escape

Thor Making a Mess

IMG_1191 IMG_1194

Someone (Thor) was bored so he knocked over his mirror and yellow bucket and pooped in his water bowl, Yuk!!Then he decided to drag out the hose…

Going For a Walk

Here is Thor in his new wagon going for a walk (ride) around the neighborhood with his doggie sisters. I think he wanted to get out and walk himself though…

Wagon Ride

Wagon Ride

Thor Working Out

Thor lifting the kitchen sink

Thor lifting the kitchen sink

We were in our bedroom and heard banging outside. We found Thor had lifted up a cast iron sink we had leaning against the house and crawled underneath it. That is one tough shell.

Tasty Hibiscus



Thor enjoying Hibiscus flowers. He weighs just over 22 lbs now.


Yummy kale!

Here is Thor enjoying the backyard.

I’m Getting Bigger!

Thor on the scale

Thor on the scale

Thor is 20 lbs now, up about 3 lbs in 2 months. I guess we are feeding him well. Today I gave him a piece of Turtle Bone that I bought from It’s got calcium in it that is supposed to be good for him. Nothing but the best for our little man.

Just finished dinner...fresh grass, yum!

Just finished dinner…fresh grass, yum!

Do Tortoises Like Baths?

Thor in the tub

Thor in the tub

My husband decided that Thor needed a our bathtub. I don’t think Thor was too exited about getting a bath. I started to see little fart bubbles followed by some grunting and then….poo and lots of it. I guess we scared the s#%t out of poor Thor. Yuk! He must have a huge bowel capacity. Afterwards he was all clean..inside and out.

Clean Thor

Clean Thor


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